Bible & Book Studies

Sunday Forum, 9:15-10:05am

Grab some coffee and donuts and then join us in the Learning Center for a variety of topics!

All are welcome: High School, Parents waiting for Sunday School, Young Adults, Young at heart adults, and everyone in between.  We hope you’ll join us!

Current Study: Book of Jonah – Have you ever run from God when He asked you to do something?  Have you ever questioned His Grace for others or for yourself?

4 Part Series

Our study will be in September/October and will cover the following topics:

  • September 10th – Reluctant or Disobedient: Is there a difference?
  • September 17th – God of the Impossible
  • October 1st – The God of Second Chances
  • October 8th – God’s Grace is for Everyone

Please join us as Guest Pastor Ceri Ahlborn takes us through an engaging and lively conversation throughout this 4 part series.

Join us on Zoom for Bible Study on Mondays at 7:00 pm

Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God

What feels shaky in your world?  Maybe you feel hurt by the past, disappointed by the present, or worried about the future.  If so, there is hope.  For every problem in life, God has given you a promise.

In the New York Times bestselling book, Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado unpacks 12 of the Bible’s most significant promises, equipping you to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping your focus on the hope found in the promises of Scripture.

Whether it’s heart disease or cancer, job failure or addiction, natural disasters or family disasters, mass murders or mental illness, there are so many reasons to be overwhelmed and hope can feel hard to come by.  Now more than ever, we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God.

In this book, you will be reminded that God’s promises are irrevocable because:

  • God is unchanging
  • God is faithful
  • God is strong
  • God cannot lie

What is your life built on—the circumstances of life or the promises of God?  The answer to that question changes everything.  Join Max as he takes a closer look at Scripture’s unbreakable promises and shows you how to live with unshakable hope.

You are welcome to Zoom in and join in great faithful conversation.  Zoom in for the lesson, conversation, prayer and community building.  Pastor Rachael has the details.  Email her so that she can get you signed up and receive the weekly zoom link.

One can join at any time by contacting Pastor Rachael.

Circle of Friends Bible Study at Friendship Village

Bible Study @ Friendship Village, Thursdays at 2:00pm.

In the Recreation Center Classroom.

This season, we will begin with a multi-session Crossways study on The Psalms.  

All are welcome.  Pastor Rachael Dales from King of Glory Lutheran Church will be the facilitator.  If you have questions or concerns, please email or call the Church Office at 480-838-0477.

Book Discussion Series

Meets in the Learning Center at 1:15pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

All are welcome!

You can click on each title to be connected to the website for more information on each book and where you can purchase it.