Children & Crossover Ministries

Join us at King of Glory on a wonderful journey of faith through our Children’s and Family Ministry Programs (Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-4) and Crossover (Grades 5-6). We encourage children to become involved at any stage of this incredible journey. All are welcome!

The Children’s Church and Crossover Class are now meeting in person. For Preschool-4th grade please register below. For Crossover (grades 5 & 6) please contact Pastor Rachael. We also offer Children’s Church during the 10:00 service sermon.

KOG Kids Sunday School is planning on having our annual Children’s Christmas Program, but it will look a little different this year.  We will be prerecording the program and creating a video that will be available online on a Sunday close to Christmas. This year there are opportunities for the whole family to participate, as individuals or a household! Opportunities include: Play a nativity character, be a narrator or read a scripture, sing a solo (or ensemble), play a song (ex. piano), provide tech support for other families, help edit the final product. Click below to register.


When a child begins his or her faith journey, there are many steps to take. It is through this journey that each child will come to know and love God. The Children’s Ministry & Crossover Directors have created specific “Faith Steps” – prayers and Bible passages – for children to commit to memory for each of our programs. Children are recognized for their achievements in Worship Services several times yearly.


Preschool – 4th Grade

5th & 6th Grades

Children’s Music Ministries

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