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Financial contributions support all of the many KOG ministries. Contributions to the General Operating Fund helps King of Glory in some of the following ways: King of Glory has provided facilities for a Christian-based Scouting ministry for all youths from Kindergarten through High School. King of Glory Preschool gives children a positive and successful first school experience within a faith-based environment. No outside funding is used for the Preschool. The Health Ministry maintains contact with shut-ins, coordinates funeral services and has implemented the Tele-coil Hearing Loop System on campus. The Music Ministry has a variety of choirs and education classes, as well as the 55-rank organ and sanctuary grand piano all of which are enjoyed in each service. The KOG campus facilitates outside programs such as I-Help Tempe, an Indo-Pak church, a Korean-speaking church group and daily AA meetings, thus giving back to the community in many ways.

RUUD Donations are used to give crisis support to needy families and children. Gifts are provided from this fund in times of emergency for both members of the congregation and the surrounding community. We ask a minimum gift of $5, which may be given in celebration for any good news in your life. We then honor, memorialize, thank and celebrate events in our church bulletin for all contributions made to the fund.

KOG appreciates the financial support of our congregation members to contribute consistently throughout the year. To assist you, the church provides a convenient electronic option above.

By using a text message by phone with a $ sign to 480-252-5483.

You can also mail your contribution to: King of Glory Lutheran Church 2085 E. Southern Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282.



Did you know you can support King of Glory just by shopping at Fry’s Foods? It’s easy when you enroll in Fry’s Community Rewards. To get started, sign up with your V.I.P Card below, and select King of Glory. Once you have enrolled, you’ll earn rewards for King of Glory every time you shop and use your V.I.P Card! Thanks for your support.

How to Enroll for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program (*if you are already enrolled, no need to re-enroll each year!)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Sign‐In’
  3. Enter your email and password, click on ‘sign in’.
  4. Click on your name (top right hand corner), under ‘Account Summary’ scroll down to ‘Community Rewards.
  5. Click on ‘Edit’ under Community Rewards.
  6. Under Find Your Organization: Enter SR163 or King of Glory then select ‘search’.
  7. Under ‘Select Your Organization’, click on the circle next to your organization.
  8. Click on ‘Enroll’.

If you have enrolled correctly, you should see a green box with the text: ‘Your enrollment in the Community Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for participating!’  You will also see the information listed under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page.


Individuals who are 72 or older can make gifts of up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to KOG without paying federal income tax on the withdrawal. This option provides tax savings to donors even if they do not itemize deductions. Please consult your financial advisor or tax professional before making a gift.

Endowment Fund: KOG Forever & Ever

The Endowment Fund of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Tempe, Arizona, has been established to support the congregation’s future work.

The Fund has been established to receive offerings from wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents.

Gifts to the Fund can also be made upon the death of a family member or friend.  Those offerings are given in thanksgiving for God’s work as a testimony for future generations while honoring the memory of our loved ones.

All donated principal to the Endowment Fund will be held in perpetuity and shall not be withdrawn from the Fund without congregational discussion and approval. Typically funds withdrawn are only from the interest accrued from the principal.

Endowment distributions may be used for four (4) broadly defined categories:

(1) Domestic and foreign missions

(2) Church non-recurring capital expenses

  • Alteration or development of the Church’s physical property
  • Support of capital building funds
  • Retirement of Church debts

(3) Support for special projects not ordinarily included in the annual operating budget

(4) Community outreach

The goal of the Fund is to provide financial support for the ministry of King of Glory as it serves God’s people today – and for years to come – by providing a permanent investment vehicle to assist the Church’s mission.

The Church Financial Committee shall be responsible for managing the Endowment Fund and assisting donors who want to contribute to the Endowment.